How to Mix Metals

A popular design trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon is mixing metals! Mixing metals adds dimension, character and depth and elevates any design. Although it seems simple enough, it is something that many people find challenging to implement. We are going to provide you a few tips to help ease the process for you!

1. Determine Your Metals

First, you'll need to select your metal finishes for your home. You will want to consider the flow of your home and although not every room has to have the same metals mixed, you'll want to repeat all of the finishes you've chosen throughout your home. We suggest selecting 2 metals for a smaller space, and 3 metals for a larger. Undertones are so important when selecting finishes throughout your home so it's something you will need to consider. Nickel has a warm undertone and pairs well with a brass or gold finish whereas polished chrome has a cool undertone and pairs well with black. Black is neutral and pairs well with any finish. So when in doubt - choose black!

2. Pick a Dominant and Accent Finish

Below, you can see we paired black and chrome for this ensuite project. They play so well off of each other. Because this space is small, we opted to use only 2 finishes - chrome being the dominant, black being the accent. Here, the only black finish we used was the light fixtures.

3. Position

Where you place your metals matters - a guideline when deciding what metal finish to put where is to ensure they are on the same plane. You can see below in this kitchen we designed that we kept our dominant brass finish on the light fixtures the same as the pulls.

4. Balance

Ensure to repeat use of metals/same colour with decor throughout your home, this creates balance and gives more context to mixing metals. Below, you can see we styled the counter with a cream watering can with a brass handle; small doses are all you really need.

We hope this guide can help you when selecting finishes for your next project! It may seem overwhelming but it your break it up into steps, you'll be able to achieve that effortless, designer look in your own home.

- Jordanne Simons Interiors

All photography by Adrienne Elkerton


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